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Time and again, man has realized that traditional food practices are the key to our health and well being. A neglect of millets for more than half a century has made us victims of several metabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems and so on. Millets are amazing in their nutrition content. Each of the millets is three to five times nutritionally superior to the widely promoted rice and wheat in terms of proteins, minerals, vitamins and fibre. These nutri-grains are so versatile in their culinary properties that any recipe made of other cereals can be made with millets.

Farmers have been growing a range of millets, jowar, bajra, ragi, korra, sama, arika as main crop or as intercrop with pulses or oilseeds over thousands of years. Thus, millets produce an extraordinary food system and promote biodiversity and Food and Nutrition security.

The gap in nutrient balance both for macro and micro nutrients is the major concern of the country, with 45% of the population being under weight and anemia being wide spread in different age and physiological groups. College of Home Science, Hyderabad under the aegis of Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University is trying to mitigate malnutrition through promotion of consumption of millets for bridging the nutrient gap in the communities by development of millet products and value addition through continuous research and field testing for the past three decades. It has trained several rural women on millet processing technologies for daily meal and snack foods and developed designer foods to cater to the demand of health foods by the newer generation.

The recent launch of “Initiative for Nutritional Security through Intensive Millet Promotion (INSIMP)” by the Department of Agriculture, GOI in 2011-12 to promote millets as “nutri-cereals” has opened gates for all the millet growers and promoters to intensify their efforts in strengthening millets. The scheme aims to catalyze increased production, processing and utilization of millets in and evolve a movement to address the present crisis in our Health and Agriculture.

Appreciating the immense untiring efforts of these agencies, an awareness drive has been initiated by the Dept. of Agriculture, Government of Andhra Pradesh and College of Home Science, Hyderabad, ANGRAU by creating a platform of “ MILLET FEST - 2014”, to bring together consumers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, food technologists, scientists and farmers, to showcase the machinery designed to process the millets, to make available various products of processing and the mouth watering millet recipes for the public.

The Millet Fests – 2012 and 2013 had been very successful in drawing the attention of people to think of millets and we could see the growing demand in retail and supermarkets in these two years. In order to keep pace with the interests of the public on millet food, this year the first Millet Fest – 2014 is going to be held at Hyderabad, from 31st January to 2nd February . The focus of this fest is also to sensitize the urban and rural communities towards the benefits of incorporating millets into their daily diet and create market linkages for farmers producing these crops. Millet Fest might help in encouraging farmer-led markets, along the lines of Raitu Bazaars and local farmer-led processing centers to enable the availability of processed millets at a reasonable price within the villages.

The Millet Fest-2014 will focus on

  • Health benefits of millets
  • Processing of millets
  • Value addition and product development with millets
  • Encouraging millet entrepreneurs
  • Promote farmers
  • Diet and Nutrition Counseling

Sale of millet food items for consumption through a Food Court will be the highlight of the festival.

The organizing committee of the Millet Fest invite and request all the NGOs and ICAR institutions, covered under INSIMP and those involved in millet enterprise to participate in the Fest, duly occupying a stall and make available the delicious millet foods to the public, share your knowledge and educate them on health benefits of millet foods. Please give a mail of confirmation at the earliest.

For further details, you may contact the following:

  1. Dr Anurag Chaturvedi, Dean, College of Home Science, Hyderabad-4 anuragchaturvedi1955@gmail.com, Ph. No: 9989625202
  2. Mr.Laxman Das, Joint Director of Agriculture, dept of Agriculture, Hyderabad.
  3. Mrs. Sri Devi, Asst Director of Agriculture, dept of Agriculture, Hyderabad.
  4. Dr Mahalakshmi V. Reddy, Associate Dean, College of Home Science, Hyderabad-4. Mahalakshmi.v.reddy@gmail.com Ph.no.040-2324 4058
  5. Dr V. Vijaya Lakshmi, Professor, Foods and Nutrition, C.H.Sc, Hyderabad lakshmivvdr18@gmail.com, 9391134018
  6. Dr K. Uma Devi, Professor, Foods and Nutrition, College of Home Science, Hyderabad, uma_chsc@yahoo.com; Mob.No.984914567

Millet Fest 2014 Hyderabad

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