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Millets are potential grains among the cereal grains with superior nutrient and nutraceutical components and hence, could be a worthy addition to one's diet. Among them Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Korra, Variga and Sama are mostly used in AP. Nutritionally they are fair source of proteins, which are highly digestible and an excellent source of dietary fibre with good amounts of soluble and insoluble fractions. The carbohydrate in millet content is low and slowly digestible, which makes the millets a nature's gift for the modern mankind engaged in sedentary activities.

Today there is a significant change in the lifestyle of people owing to the rapid industrialization, improved socio-economic status, enhanced health facilities and increased life expectancy. Economic affluence coupled with sedentary lifestyles and changing food patterns are contributing to several chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc.

Dietary modification, weight control, and regular exercise are the main approaches in the management of degenerative diseases, diet being the sheet anchor. New research findings indicate the potential value of millet based diets in prevention of such disorders. In fact, the preventive role of corrective nutrition is an ever evolving process. Thus, for the health conscious genre of the present world, millets are perhaps one more addition to the proliferating list of healthy foods, because of their nutritional superiority. With the modern people chasing ready to cook food items, the nutritive millets have been faded into oblivion and its time to repromote millets for universal consumption of utilization by making them a part of daily diet.

The major constraint discouraging their consumption is the drudgery associated with its processing. However this constraint to extended utilization and properties of millet foods is being responded through research and development in improved processing with the coordinated efforts of Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University and Department of Agriculture, Government of A.P.

Millet Fest 2012 from 24-26 March 2012 elucidates the knowledge of the forgotten grains to the citizens of all walks of life in twin cities with the following objectives.

  • To create awareness about nutritional and neutraceutical importance of millets for acceptance in diets.
  • To inform the drudgery free processing and product making technologies to the food entrepreneurs.
  • To popularise the millet based breakfast, main meal and snack recipes for inclusion in daily menu as well as in diets for life style diseases.
  • To increase the area of millet cultivation by creating demand for millet products.

Exhibition cum sale in 40 stalls of 6'x8' and 6'x/16' sized are planned and work in progress. The participants include research institutions, National and regional level non government al organisations, Krishi Vigyan Kendras, entrepreneurs engaged in processing and product making and marketing.

  • ICAR Projects- NAIP
  • Central Institutions: NIN and Food & Nutrition board
  • Health care and diet counseling: Sanjaeevani , Diaita, Sayani's
  • NGOs: DDS, RDS, Earh 360.in, Mathesis, IPWWA, Mahila udyog
  • Entrepreneurs : VSR, DUV, AMMA,
  • Hotels: Kritunga, Rayalaseema ruchulu, Annapurna, Delicious caterers

During these three days the following activities will be conducted

  • Exhibition -Millet nutrition and technology information, Processing machinery and products.
  • Sales- grains, suji, flour, ready to cook mixes, traditional snacks, pasta, baked products, millet meal etc.
  • Events- Demonstrations, cookery contest, health check-up, diet counseling

Display will mainly provide an experience of transition from traditional recipe and processing technologies to improvised ones to meet the changing demands of present life style.


    Chief Patron : Sri A.C. Punetha, I.A.S, Principal Secretary , Agriculture, Govt. of AP
    1. Chairmen :  Sri K Madhusudhana Rao, I.A.S, Commissioner & Director of Agriculture
                            Dr A Padma Raju, Vice Chancellor, ANGRAU
    2. Convener :  Dr.TV Satyanarayana, Dean, Home Science, ANGRA
    3. Members :
      • Dr. P. Gidda Reddy, Director of Extension, ANGRAU
      • Dr. Anurag Chaturvedi, Associate Dean, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Dr  B Dayakar Rao, Principal Scientist, Nodal Officer, INSIMP (PHT)
      • Mrs. B. Sreedevi, ADA, INSIMP
      • Sri.Y. Lakshman Rao, JD, Crops Schemes
      • Mr. Sateesh Periyapatna, Director, DDS
      • Dr. T.V. Hymavati, Associate Professor, PG&RC, ANGRAU
    4. FINANCE
    5. Convener : Dr. TV Satyanarayana, Dean, Home Science, ANGRAU
    6. Members:
      • Dr K Mayuri, Professor and Head, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Dr G Nageswar Rao, Professor, Stats & Maths, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Mr. P. Sarangam, ADA
    1. Convener : Dr. K.Uma Devi, Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
    2. Members
      • Dr. Mary Swarnalatha, Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Dr. Geetha Reddy, Associate Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Dr. S.Suchiritha Devi, Assistant Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • iv.    Dr TVN Padmavathi, Teaching Associate, CHSc, ANGRAU
    1. Convener : Dr. V.Vijaya Lakshmi,  Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
    2. Members
      • Dr. T.V. Hymavati, Professor, PG&RC, ANGRAU
      • Dr. Aparna Kuna, Assistant Professor, PG&RC, ANGRAU
      • Mrs. T. Supraja, Assistant Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Mrs. V. Sujata, Teaching Associate, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Dr. Jessie Sunitha, Teaching Associate, PG&RC, ANGRAU
    1. Convener : Dr. K. Manorama, Professor, PG&RC, ANGRAU
    2. Members
      • Dr T Neeraja, Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Mr. Vidyasagar, AO, Commissioner’s Office
      • Dr. M.Sharada Devi, Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Dr K Uma Devi, Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Ms. Kameshwari, Assistant Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
    1. Convener : Dr. P. Amala Kumari, Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
    2. Members
      • Mr. Sudhakar, PRO, ANGRAU
      • Dr. M.S Chaitanya kumari, Assistant Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
    1. Convener : Dr. Mahalakshmi V. Reddy, Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
    2. Members :
      • Dr. P.Radha Rani, Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Dr. D. Ratna Kumari, Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Dr  Y. Vijayalakshmi, Associate Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
    1. Convener: Dr. K. Uma Maheswari, Professor, QC Lab, ANGRAU
    2. Members
      • Dr D Anitha, Professor, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Dr B Lakshmi, Teaching Associate, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Mr D Venkatesh,     Record Assistant, Library, CHSc, ANGRAU
    1. Convener : Mr. Abdul Hakeem, Assistant Librarian, CHSc, ANGRAU
      • Member
      • Mr. Shankar Reddy, Record  Assistant, CHSc, ANGRAU

Millet Fest 2012

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