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Initiative Nutritional Security through Intensive Millets Promotion (INSIMP)

Initiative for Nutritional Security through Intensive Millets Promotion (INSIMP) – a sub-scheme of RKVY has been launched from 2011-12 with aim to demonstrate the improved production and post-harvest technologies in an integrated manner with an allocation of Rs. 300 crores in 16 States. As regards the production and consumption of millets during current year is concerned, it is too early to make an assessment for current year at this stage, when sowings are in progress. However, it is stated that millet grains are used as traditional food including fermented products like rabri in their areas of cultivation, value added bakery products, in Urban areas, feed for live stock including birds.


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In the 21st century, climate change, water scarcity, increasing world population, rising food prices, and other socioeconomic impacts are expected to generate a great threat to agriculture and food security worldwide. These impacts present a challenge to scientists and nutritionists to investigate the possibilities of producing, processing, and utilizing other potential food sources to end hunger, malnutrition and poverty.



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